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Alex and Sami with Lou on 12/10/00 Big brother and little sister Dick and Lou on 6/8/02
The Friedman group Linda, Lou, Sami and Alex on 6/2/02 Lou in bubble bath on 4/21/02
Lou in pool with shark headpiece on 7/4/02 Lou, Sami and Alex on 2/25/02 Lou on 7/20/01
Lou watering shrubs Aug. 2002 Nancy and Lou Nancy, Lou and Linda on 7/20/01
Nanny and Lou in pool on 7/4/02 Nina and Lou July 2002 Lou, Nanny & Nina at our house 11/16/02
Breathe Right Strip 3/4/03 Great Smile 1/11/03 Nina and Lou Email 2/19/03
White Castles 1/19/03 Lou and Nina 4/3/04 Lou in Kindergarten
The Graduate Nina, Lou and Mom Lou toothless
Birthday Boy Lou Lou and Nina at Easter 2004 Les and Lou 12/03
Cousins 5/04 Before After
Flying Lou 1 Flying Lou 2 Flying Lou 3
New Tatoo 1 New Tatoo 2 New Tatoo 3